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Gamma Delta Chi's Founding Mothers

Saleka Moore
Perla Prime
Candace Jelks


From the desk of Saleka Moore-Founder/President-
I wanted to join a sorority during my college years, but there were so many and each of them had something good to say. But as I was going through all the information I had collected, I was not satisfied. So after much thought and consideration, I decided to start my own sisterhood. I wanted it to be affordable and I wanted it opened to any woman that was interested in making a difference in the community. I knew it was going to be hard. We did not have a lot of money. A lot of different groups embraced us, but others tried to discourage us. After many trials and errors, we became stronger and better than before. On February 24, 2002, we became a charter group at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. That was a very exciting day for us. We have been working very hard to keep this group going. At this time, I would like to thank my Soror and Co-Founder Perla and Soror Candace for sticking by my side. Without your help and dedication, I do not think I would have such a great sorority.
Soror Saleka Moore

Purpose and Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization is to unite women in a sisterhood for the purpose of enjoying fellowship, excelling in education, obtaining leadership skills, servicing the community, stepping and building strong friendships in accordance with the purpose of the Local Sorority.
Mission Statement-
We the women of Gamma Delta Chi pledge to uphold the honor of being a woman. We vow that we will service our community and address everyday concerns of women. Also keeping a focus on education, sisterhood, support, leadership and maintaining life long friendships. No matter where life may take us, we are sister of Gamma Delta Chi the Alpha Omega Chapter for life and we are committed to help and honor each other to the very end. It starts with us it ends with us.

Gamma Delta Chi's Officers

Saleka Moore - Founder/President


Perla Prime - Co-Founder/Vice President


Candace Jelks - Chapter Administrator


Hermoine Bell - Business Administrator


MaryAnn Cunningham - Secretary/Newsletter Editor